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Message From the Chairman

In February 1994, I set up the company Risui Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan. After more than 20 years of development, Risui Co., Ltd. has developed into a diversified and comprehensive industrial multinational group company integrating international trade, international maritime, real estate and catering.


For many years, our company has set up “RISUI Brand” with our brilliant performance of Honor the contract and Keep the credit, and established long-term cooperative partnership with Japan Nippon Steel Trading Corporation, JFE Shoji Trade Corporation, Itochu Corporation and other Japanese big enterprises, and formed a global trade network with Japan as the center which covering Indonesia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Thailand,the Philippines,South America, North America, Europe and other countries and regions.



Faced with the new economic environment and industry development trend, Risui Co., ltd. combined with the existing strategic system, analyzed the external environment and its own advantages, while expanding the international trade of iron and steel raw materials, carbon raw materials, exploring new trade fields such as grain, oil and chemical industry, and develop specialized global shipping business. Entering into the fields of Japanese real estate industry, catering industry and cultural industry, and realizing the diversification of enterprise operation, Risui Co., Ltd. is making great strides on the road of international diversified operation with a new attitude and steady pace.


The purpose of establishing Risui is to realize "national strength and people's wealth": to develop our company and make it become bigger and stronger, let the our employees can have a good life, for this purpose, we always practice that to gain a reputation with high quality products and services, take customer satisfaction as our unswerving pursuit of the quality of products and services, and realize our company and individual common development.


Risui Co., Ltd. actively fulfills its social and corporate responsibilities. While continuing to provide customers with high-quality products, it cares about the education and growth of employees and family happiness, and strives to build RISUI into a spiritual aristocrat, a battlefield aristocrat and a material aristocrat.


Talents determine the future of the enterprise, and the company is looking for talents with eagerness, welcome you to join us to conquer the world!