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We have been engaged in the purchase and sale of high quality mill scale all over the world. By taking advantage of our shipping business advantages, we have formed a long-term friendly cooperative relationship with Japan and Japan's large steel companies.

International Shipping Business  >

With years of seaborne trade operation experience, and a professional shipping business service team, in addition to meeting the our company's own trade needs, but also provide a variety of external shipping agency business, especially in the Japan-China route, southeast Asia route, red sea route, Persian gulf route, far east route, South America route, North America route, and we have a mature operation mode.

Catering Business  >

Chinese food has a long history. In order to let the world know more about China and let Chinese food go to the world,Risui Co., Ltd. has been planning Chinese food chain since 2019 to let the world love Chinese taste.


The chain store of Chinese cuisine in preparation, focusing on Changzhou style Huaiyang cuisine, is elegant, clear, fragrant, beautiful and profound. Each dish is a story with a set of historical books. It has endless interest and aftertaste, such as poetry, painting, wine, tea, and the spring rain in Jiangnan.