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International Trading Business

International Trading Business

International trade business and international shipping business, while providing more professional products and services, to achieve diversified operation. Take Japanese market as the core, to purchase continuously and stably in the global, and purchase high-quality mill scale, carbon products, refractory materials, steel scrap, iron alloy, etc. And welcome new and old suppliers, customers to consult and negotiate.

We are the exclusive sales of shanxi qinxin energy group co., Ltd. In Japan, and we have established a long - term relationship and friendly cooperation with various companies. 

(1)Coke: in bulk,in bag, loading
(4)Carburant, Anode Butts, Petroleum Coke, Activated Carbon

Carbon products:

Mill Scale:

We have been engaged in the purchase and sale of high quality mill scale all over the world. By taking advantage of our shipping business advantages, we have formed a long-term friendly cooperative relationship with Japan and Japan's large steel companies.

The ultra-pure mill scale which is mainly used mill scale as raw materials, and a series of new products with new processes, more importantly, the new raw materials in the two major fields of steel making and cast iron.

Steel Scrap:

Take the Japanese market as the core, We carry out the purchase and sales of high quality HS, H1 and H2 crushing materials (shredded) all over the world.


(4)Crushing materials (shredded)

Refractory Material:

With the Japanese market as the core, we conduct the purchase and sales of high-quality brown fused alumina, fused magnesium and white fused alumina all over the world.

(1)Brown fused alumina
(2)Fused magnesium
(3)White fused alumina


Other Products:

With the Japanese market as the core, we carry out the purchase and sales of erro oxide/iron oxide, and direct reducing iron powder, steel slag/iron slag, zinc ash worldwide.

(1)Ferro oxide/iron oxide
(2)Direct reducing iron powder
(3)Steel slag/iron slag

(4)Zinc ash


Iron Alloy:

With the Japanese market as the core, we carry out the purchase and sales of high-quality  Ferrosilicon, Ferromanganese,Ferrochrome and Ferrornickel all over the world




Blast furnace solvent:

With the Japanese market as the core, we carry out the purchase and sales of magnesite,dolomite,limestone,calcite worldwide.