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Corporate Philosophy

1、Enterprise mission: to realize "national strength and people's wealth"


"national strength”, the Nation is our company, the People are our employees. It means through the efforts of all the employees, our company is becoming stronger and stronger, and the employees are living a more and more prosperous life.

2、Corporate core values: Quality first, Reputation first


Quality first: Quality is fundamental to survival. Without quality, there is no survival.

Reputation first: After more than 20 years of development, our company has set up “RISUI Brand” with our brilliant performance of Honor the contract and Keep the credit.

3、Enterprise Spirit


(1)Do the thing which you know it can not be done

For work: when encounter difficulties and setbacks, never give up, to have the faith and courage to grasp the nettle and turn the tide.

For oneself: A man should devote himself to his own belief and ideal, persevere despite difficulties. 


(2)Nation affairs come first

Put the interests of the Nation, society and company first, serve the “Nation” unselfishly, and aim at the world.


(3)Must Win

Governing a great nation is like cooking a small fish. Plan strictly and complete within a time limit; company system is sound, reward and punishment are clear strict; departments have a clear division of labor and clear responsibility.

Management Policy



Develop products to meet the global market demand, and allocate resources efficiently on a global scale.



Products Professionalization, service Professionalization, team Professionalization.



On the basis of international trade and shipping business, the company has entered the catering, real estate and cultural fields to achieve diversified operation.